Thank You For A Year Of Hard Work!

As the year draws to a close and we prepare for a safe but festive holiday season with our patients, friends, and families, we would like to take this time to say thank you! 2020 has been a year of challenges that none of us could have predicted. Our staff stepped up this year to treat our patients with the care, respect, and safety they require. On behalf of everyone at AmeraCare, we would like to thank our team for their hard work and dedication this year!

Thank you to Our Nurses

The selflessness of healthcare heroes makes a huge difference in our patients lives. They continue to work on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic and help to keep our patients safe and cared for.  

Thank you to: Danielle Tate, Donna Berbling, Roshundra Goss Brumfield, Danielle Danflous, Catherine Duronslet, Marguerite Hamilton, Kathy Hubbard, Marguerite Hamilton, Danielle Tate, Towanna Viola, Denise Bourg, Shannon Akins, Carol Sabine, Lonnie Schmidt, and Rachel Whitney. A special thanks to John Cook. Check out the videos John has been sharing on our Facebook page for encouragement and reassurance through this stressful time. 

Thank you to Our Intake Staff

Our internal staff has been working hard this year to coordinate admissions, gather all necessary Personal Protective Equipment for our healthcare providers, and keep families informed. 

Thank you to our home health team

Stacy Eugene Brown, the Director, Craig Jones, Assistant Director, Stephen Babin Case Manager, Dawn Thomas, Intake Coordinator, Sherry Calix Case Manager Assistant, Donna Rohm, Case Manager Assistant, Stacy Cook, Director of Human Resources, Laurie Perada, QAPI Assistant Coordinator, Michael Clark, Corporate Compliance Director, Tammy Landry, Accountant and Peggy Byrd, Billing Manager.  Diane Dauzat, Sharon Eugene, Jessica Bourg, Tara Jones, Kerry Collins, Terry Camp and Jane Spalt, Clerical Support. Michelle Guidry, Stacey Owens, Gigi Prince, and Cherie Pausina, Business Development. Rafael Robledo, Medical Director.  Last but not least, Mary Marty Volunteer.

Thank you to our field clinicians

Quiana Alexander, Wanda Barton, Dan aydell, Denise Bourg, Cassonya Davis, Priscilla Gallese, Munyoung Guillot, Melissa Kennedy, Doris Lucineo, Dieu McCume, Hosanna Moran, Roberto narez, Sharry Nelson, Terria Peters, Kirsta Sabillon, Christa Seal, Carrie Sheridan, Brandi Talamo, Johnny Taylor, Alison Thornhill, Phillipa Tramell and Kimberly Wicker RNs. Damianna Davis, StevenKertz and Brenda Woodworth, LPNs.  Manual Aquino, Erick Jackson, Johnny Adolph, and Emma Merto PTs. Paul Gambino, Danny Benitez PTAs.  Tierra Boyd, OT.   Flora Alexander, Ericka Franklin, Le’Sean Harrison, Lydia Knox, Elnora Smith, Carmela Vinnett-Ellis and Shirley Williams, CNAs. Brian Phillips, Rachel Wendy and Candace Henderson, MSWs.

Thank you to our hospice team

Elizabeth Powell, Director, Debra Santalucito, Intake Coordinator, Mrs. Stephanie Luhta, director of human resources, Katherine Bryant, CNA Supervisor, Linda Prima, Director of Clinical Services for Ameracare and Dr. Lawrence Durante, medical director. 

AmeraCare is dedicated to the health and wellness of their patients across southern Louisiana. Reach out today to see if in-home care may benefit your loved one!

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