Top Questions To Ask When Looking For Home Health Care

Home care is a blessing for many people in need of regular health care. When you or a loved one are in need of specialized healthcare-related services on a regular basis, your care can be conducted in-home! Every home health care organization is different, and it’s important to make sure you choose a health care provider that works for you and your family. Here are the top five questions to ask when choosing a home health care provider.

How is home care different than being treated by my doctor?

Home care services are conducted in the patient’s home. This means you don’t need to plan your day or week around getting to the doctor’s office for appointments or coordinating travel. All home care services should be conducted under the supervision of your doctor.

Who is providing the health care service?

At AmeraCare Home Health, all health care services are conducted by trained medical professionals in conjunction with the patient’s physician. Our in-home team includes nurses, therapists, social workers, dietitians, and home care aides. Our goal is to get our patients living healthy active lives!

How often is the patient’s care monitored?

In-home care plans are determined by the patient’s condition and in consultation with the physician. Regardless of the condition being treated, all AmeraCare Home Health patients are provided with monitors that are connected to their home phone. This monitor allows the tracking of daily vital signs that are then transmitted to our agency for daily evaluation of the patient’s condition and needs. For more information visit our frequently asked questions.

How much does home care cost?

For patients over the age of 65 who meet the eligibility requirements, Medicare or Medicaid generally covers the cost of home care services. Private insurance companies also pay for many home care services.

How do I know home care is right for me/my loved one?

You should discuss home care as an option with your physician. Our home care patients love that they are able to recuperate in their own homes where they feel comfortable and able to live active lives.

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