Home Health Care

AmeraCare provides many in-home care services that can make your treatment or recovery easier! Home care services allow you to choose where you receive your ongoing treatment to allow more comfort and less disruption to your day to day life. AmeraCare provides many different home health services in the New Orleans area. Read on to see how AmeraCare can help you or your family! Read some of the frequently asked questions about home health care for more information. 

Occupational Therapy

AmeraCare provides Occupational Therapy in New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

Occupational Therapy helps people to get the most out of their days with the beneficial use of day-to-day activities (or occupations). This therapy helps in promoting health and enabling people to live more easily with injury or disability. Occupational therapy can be useful for people of all ages and abilities. 

Occupational Therapy is Beneficial For:

  • Children with disabilities work on the skills and tools they need to participate in school and in social activities. 
  • People of all ages can experience recovery and work on regaining skills after serious injury.
  • Older adults who are experiencing physical or cognitive changes can work on skills to keep up their day to day activities. 

Our one-on-one therapy approach allows for an individualized treatment plan that includes the patient’s goals.

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