Medication Management: Make This Your Top Priority For 2021

Each year hundreds of thousands of people experience harm from the accidental misuse of medications. Stopping this effect is important for the health of our loved ones! Medication management is a practice that helps older adults consolidate their medication use to prevent Adverse Drug Events. 

What Is Medication Management?

The practice of Medication Management is a fairly simple one – ensuring that a patient is receiving their appropriate, prescribed medication. Older adults are the largest users of prescription medications by a large margin. Approximately 17-19% of adults 65 or older take at least 10 medications in a given week. 

Medication management is used to ensure that medications are taken correctly, to help prevent Adverse Drug Events (ADEs), or harm to a patient as a result of the misuse of medication.

How Many Adverse Drug Events Happen Every Year?

Every year in the United States, over 177,000 older adults require an emergency room visit because of an ADE. A trip to the emergency room isn’t just a scary experience, it can also present its own risk! 2020 has been an extremely challenging year for hospitals and emergency healthcare facilities. As COVID-19 continues to fill hospitals, it’s more important than ever to reduce preventable emergency situations. AmeraCare offers care from a specially trained Medication Management team to help prevent ADEs and manage medication properly. 

Why Is Medication Management Useful for Older Adults?

As we age we have a harder time bouncing back and recovering from illnesses. Because of this, it’s especially important to take steps to stop preventable harm like the misuse of medication! Older adults tend to take more medications on a daily or weekly basis. This increases the possibility of a medication taken at the wrong time or wrong dosage which can be problematic. 

Plus, many older adults are in the habit of holding onto medications they are not currently taking in case they need it later. Because of this, our field nurses often find many of their patients have expired medications or medications the patient is no longer taking in their home. One of their first tasks when working with a patient is clearing out these old medications, so they’re not accidentally taken and potentially harming the patient.

Giving Family Members Peace Of Mind

Our Medication Management service helps family members feel more at-ease with their older loved ones. Knowing that they are getting the benefits they need from medication without the risk of misuse. Our medication management team includes skilled field nurses, proactive case managers, and medical directors. Each of these medical professionals are able to work with your loved one, their primary care physician, and our internal team to ensure appropriate medication use. 

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