What You Need To Know About Hospice Compare

What is Hospice Compare?

Hospice Compare is compiled and released by the US Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and is available on Medicare.gov. It’s an interactive service that allows you to choose hospice providers in your area and compare their quality from an objective source. Each hospice provider completes the Hospice Comprehensive Assessment Measure, and the Hospice Compare site allows you to see these results and compare them before making a decision. 

Why Is It Important?

When choosing a hospice provider, it’s important that they are able to help the patient on every level from spiritual, emotional, to physical. The Hospice Compare service allows you to see how hospice providers in your area rank on many different key factors. Hospice Compare looks at the hospice providers’ quality of care for the patient, including communication with their family, symptom treatment, and emotional support. 

How Does AmeraCare Rank?

We’re happy to report that AmeraCare Home Hospice is ranked among the best of Louisiana’s hospice providers and is above the national average in the following categories:

  • Communication with family
  • Getting timely help
  • Treating the patient with respect
  • Emotional and spiritual support
  • Training family to care for patient
  • Patient’s rating of this Hospice, and willing to recommend to others
  • Patients who received a visit from RN, NP, MD, or PA in the last 3 days of life
  • Completed all 7 HIS measure assessments at beginning of hospice care
  • Patients or caregivers who were asked about their beliefs and values at the beginning of hospice care
  • Patients who were checked for pain at the beginning of hospice care
  • Patients who were checked for shortness of breath at the beginning of hospice care
  • Patients who got timely treatment for shortness of breath
  • Patients taking opioid pain medication who were offered care for constipation

To see how we compare, check us out on Medicare.gov!

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