Holiday Health Considerations For Older Adults

The holiday season is here! Bringing more joy is something we can all use this year, and making sure to include your elderly family members in celebrations is key to keeping their spirits up. However, this year presents many challenges for getting together with our loved ones. Here are our tips for celebrating the holidays with your elderly loved ones. 

Start With a Flu Shot

This year in particular, it’s important to get your annual flu shot for the whole family. Reducing the odds of getting the flu and passing it on to loved ones makes the whole family healthier. Plus, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, reducing the potential need for a flu-related doctors visit is a good choice. 

Keep a Healthy Diet in Mind

Eating to excess isn’t the best choice for anyone, but it’s especially tempting around the holidays. Having a healthy diet doesn’t mean you need to avoid all of your holiday favorites, but moderation is key!

Stock Up On Soap

Handsoap may not be the most exciting present to get this holiday season but making sure to wash your hands regularly is key for staying healthy. Holiday scented soaps can make this feel more cheerful this season!

Watch Out For Potential Falls

Fall prevention is key for many older adults. For at-risk family members, it may be a better idea to bring the celebration to them if their home has already been updated to help avoid falls. Make sure obstacles are cleared from pathways, secure railings are available and utilized, and making sure all rugs or floor coverings are not a potential hazard is necessary. 

Offer Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol may be a regular part of holiday celebrations, but it’s not always a safe choice for older adults. Mixing alcohol with some medicines can be risky! With the potential for creating an adverse drug event, and the high calorie content of many holiday cocktails, it’s best to skip for elderly family members. 

Opt for Socially Distanced Celebrations Instead 

With COVID-19 being particularly dangerous for older adults, in-person celebrations must be kept to a minimum. If you or a loved one has been exposed to the virus, even if you are not actively experiencing symptoms, it is advised that you do not visit elderly family members in person. Some socially distanced celebrations can include video calls, setting up decorations in your loved ones yard, or driving to see holiday lights with a COVID-free family member. 

These are easy steps we can all take to help ensure a high quality of life for the older adults in our lives! AmeraCare is dedicated to the health and wellness of their patients across southern Louisiana. Reach out today to see if in-home care may benefit your loved one!

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