Does choosing hospice mean giving up?

Hospice care focuses on living as fully as possible up until the end of life by managing symptoms such as pain. With hospice the focus of care changes from curing the illness to symptomatic care, providing the utmost comfort.

How long can hospice care be provided?

Patients and families can receive hospice care for 6 months or longer depending on the course of the illness.

How much will hospice services cost?

Medicare beneficiaries pay little or nothing for hospice, and most insurance plans include hospice coverage.

Where can hospice services be provided?

We can provide hospice care at home or wherever the person is residing, whether it is a hospital, nursing home, or assisted living facility.

What are the different levels of hospice care?

Routine Care: provides intermittent hospice care wherever the patient is residing. This includes patients primary residence, nursing facility, or an assisted living facility. Respite Care: provides in patient care to assist the caregivers with a much needed time of rest. Continuous Care: short-term crisis management of pain or symptoms in the patients home. General inpatientRead More

What will AmeraCare Family Hospice provide?

Medical supplies, such as bandages, adult briefs, or catheters. Medications for pain and symptom management of the terminal diagnosis. Equipment such as walkers, hospital beds, wheelchairs, oxygen supplies, and much more equipment to maintain a high level of comfort. Services from an interdisciplinary team specializing in end-of-life care. Physician services related to the terminal illness.Read More

Is the hospice a We Honor Veterans Partner?

We Honor Veterans Partners have demonstrated their commitment to improving the care they provide to Veterans and their family members. Yes – AmeraCare is a We Honor Veterans Partner. AmeraCare Family Hospice is a preferred provider for home hospice services with the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Administration (SELAVA). We work closely with each of the providersRead More