How do I know if I qualify for home care?

In general, a patient who needs in home care services would be: Unable to leave home without a considerable and tiring effort. Under the care of a physician. Receiving services under a plan of care prescribed by their physician and periodically reviewed for progress. In need of skilled nursing care on an intermittent basis, physicalRead More

What is the Telemonitoring System?

Through AmeraCare Home Health, we provide monitors that are connected to the patient’s home phone that allows home health patients to track daily vital signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, oxygen saturations, and daily weights. These vitals are then transmitted to the AmeraCare Home Health agency daily and allows our clinical staffRead More

What kinds of services are provided?

Ameracare provides a wide array of services including cardiac and respiratory monitoring, catheter and tube care, diabetes management, wound care, in-home physical and occupational therapy, rehabilitation, and more. Click here to view our full list of services.

Who provides home care services?

At Ameracare Home Health, we provide a team of trained medical professionals, including nurses, therapists, social workers, dietitians, and home care aides.

Who covers the cost of home care services?

Generally, Medicare and/or Medicaid will cover the cost of home care services for those patients over the age of 65 who meet either program’s eligibility requirements. Also, private insurance companies pay for many of the services that Ameracare provides.

What exactly is home care?

Home care provides specialized healthcare-related services and activities in the comfort of a patient’s own home. Home care is conducted by trained medical professionals that work under the direct supervision of the patient’s physician. At Ameracare Home Health, we are able to cover a wide range of treatments and therapeutic activities to assist patients toRead More

What type of conditions are eligible for home care?

We provide in home care for the following conditions: Angina Arthritis Back Sprain/Strain Cancer Care Following Surgery Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Coronary Artery Disease Dehydration Diabetes Mellitus Drug Toxicity Electrolyte Imbalance Heart Failure Hypertension Pituitary Dysfunctions Pneumonia Pyelonephritis Stroke