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Holiday Health Considerations For Older Adults

The holiday season is here! Bringing more joy is something we can all use this year, and making sure to include your elderly family members in celebrations is key to keeping their spirits up. However, this year presents many challenges for getting together with our loved ones. Here are our tips for celebrating the holidaysRead More

How To Boost Seniors Mental Health in 2020

This month brings World Mental Health Day. Each year in October we are reminded that some people may be struggling with their mental health, even if they may not seem like it on the outside. In 2020, feelings of poor mental health are increasing due to the news, canceled events, and low social connections. ForRead More

Thank You Healthcare Heroes!

During this stressful period, we wanted to take the time to acknowledge the selfless healthcare heroes that are making such a big difference in our patient’s lives. Their hard work, dedication and compassion does not go unnoticed as they work on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. From everyone at Ameracare, we want you toRead More

What Should You Do About The Coronavirus?

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has become increasingly important for our patients in recent days. At AmeraCare, our dedicated staff is actively monitoring the progression of the virus, and are keeping up to date with the latest information. As you may know, COVID-19 is developing rapidly, and it’s impacting older generations and those with existing healthRead More

Small Changes Seniors Can Make For A Healthier 2020

As we age, our bodies change, as do our health needs. Your health and well-being are important to us here at AmeraCare Home Health & Family Hospice, and it’s important for all of us to check in with our health on a regular basis. There is no better time to make small changes to benefitRead More

What You Need To Know About Hospice Compare

What is Hospice Compare? Hospice Compare is compiled and released by the US Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and is available on It’s an interactive service that allows you to choose hospice providers in your area and compare their quality from an objective source. Each hospice provider completes the Hospice Comprehensive Assessment Measure,Read More

Top Questions To Ask When Looking For Home Health Care

Home care is a blessing for many people in need of regular health care. When you or a loved one are in need of specialized healthcare-related services on a regular basis, your care can be conducted in-home! Every home health care organization is different, and it’s important to make sure you choose a health careRead More

Questions to ask when looking for Hospice Care

When it comes to choosing to enter hospice care, this challenging decision must be made with the patient’s choice and comfort first. Home hospice can bring a higher level of comfort and ease to the entire family during end-of-life-care, but is home hospice care right for you and your family? These are the top fourRead More