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palliative care at home

What Is Palliative Care At Home?

We know that when you or a loved one have a serious illness, it can take a toll on not just the patient, but the whole family. Stress caused by keeping track of different medications, treatments, and the stress of the illness itself can be exhausting. This is where advanced illness management or palliative careRead More

Why You Need To Schedule An Eye Exam This Year

August is National Eye Exam Month, but it’s not just this month that we all need to remember eye care. Did you know it’s recommended that people over the age of 65 get their eyes tested yearly? Why? Regular eye exams help to keep track of a very important aspect of your health: your vision!Read More

Benefits of Occupational Therapy for All Ages

Occupational Therapy is an extremely useful practice that helps people get the most out of their days by using instructional activities (also called occupations). Although many people have heard of Occupational Therapy, they may not know that it can be beneficial at any age! Occupational Therapy helps people live more easily and healthily with injuryRead More

Quick Safety Tips for Older Adults

June is safety awareness month! As we age, it’s important to ensure that our homes and actions remain safe to avoid unintended consequences. We wanted to take this time to highlight small updates we can all take to help each other and the older adults in our lives stay safe all year round!  Prepare aRead More

How To Avoid Adverse Drug Events with Medication Management

Medication management is a crucial aspect of any care plan. In the United States, 17-to-19% of adults aged 65 or older take 10 or more medications in a given week. These prescription medications, vitamins, supplements, and non-prescription drugs all can have powerful impacts on the health and quality of life of our loved ones. But,Read More

What Should You Do About The Coronavirus?

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has become increasingly important for our patients in recent days. At AmeraCare, our dedicated staff is actively monitoring the progression of the virus, and are keeping up to date with the latest information. As you may know, COVID-19 is developing rapidly, and it’s impacting older generations and those with existing healthRead More

What Is The Difference Between Hospice Care And Palliative Care

If you or a loved one has a serious illness, making sure they are as comfortable as possible is a top priority alongside their medical care. When the patient is being primarily cared for by a family member, their care can be often overwhelming for non-medical professionals. We offer both Advanced Illness Management, as wellRead More

LANP Dinner Sponsored by AmeraCare

Join us on November 12, 2019, for the Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners’ Introduction to Hospice and Palliative Medicine. The presentation will be presented by Larry Durante, M.D. Adjunct Clinical Professor in the Department of Family & Community Medicine at Tulane School of Medicine. The event is sponsored by AmeraCare Family Hospice & Home Health.Read More