Benefits of Occupational Therapy for All Ages

Occupational Therapy is an extremely useful practice that helps people get the most out of their days by using instructional activities (also called occupations). Although many people have heard of Occupational Therapy, they may not know that it can be beneficial at any age! Occupational Therapy helps people live more easily and healthily with injury or disability and isn’t limited to a particular age or skillset. 

We know just how beneficial Occupational Therapy can be in people’s lives because we get to see it in our patient’s homes every day

Occupational Therapy for Older adults:

As we age, we all begin to experience physical or cognitive changes. Older adults who are experiencing these changes may suddenly find it harder to do the tasks that were once second nature. When we begin to struggle with tasks like eating, brushing teeth, showering, and changing clothes, it can cause a secondary issue of distancing ourselves from the tasks that bring us joy in life!

Occupational Therapy can help older adults regain their daily tasks independently while working on other factors like boosting memory, mood, and helping to ensure that their home is safe and equipped for their ability level.  

Occupational Therapy for all Ages:

People of any age can experience an injury that requires them to learn the skills they already had prior to the injury. When recovering from serious injury, it can be beneficial to work on building muscle control, fine motor skills, and coordination it takes to do everyday tasks. 

When injury or disability occurs and takes away a persons’ independence, it can be more than physically debilitating. Our occupational therapists work with our patients to build on the skills they need to get back to the activities that bring their life joy. Because our Occupational Therapists work in the patient’s home, they’re able to put the patient’s needs into context. This allows the therapist to work on the unique needs of each patient to help them achieve their goals. 

Our one-on-one therapy approach allows for an individualized treatment plan that includes the patient’s goals. Are you or a loved one a good fit for at-home Occupational Therapy? Find out with our quiz!

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